How to Choose the Best Space Heater

When choosing the best portable space heater, you have to determine what is best for you. If you’re in the market for a portable room heater, you need to sit down and figure out what you want the heater to do and where are you going to use it. Determine if it will stay in one room or need to be moved from room to room, and whether that room or rooms will need to be heated quickly or stay heated for longer periods of time.

Electric heaters are the most popular, especially for indoor uses, because electricity is an easily obtainable source. There are many different types of electric heaters and you can find one to fit your needs and budget.

Radiant space heaters are compact and portable. They are ideal for immediately heating up small areas. Many people will have them under their desk at work to heat up just their space. As soon as you turn it on you can feel the heat, but that heat does not radiate far from the heat source.

Quartz infrared space heaters are a type of radiant heater. They use invisible infrared rays to heat objects not the air. Infrared heaters are efficient because they are not heating the entire room, just the objects in the room. They also work very quickly.

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Convection heaters mainly use a fan to blow the heat up and out. They are good for heating up an entire room. You’ll find convection heaters in garages and larger work areas. There are some models where you can barely hear the fan blow.

You can find space heaters in all sizes shapes and colors. Your heater doesn’t have to look like an appliance, it can look like a piece of your home decoration. When the cold weather is over, you only need a small corner or space in a closet to store it for the next season.

Do your research on all the different kinds to determine the best type of space heater for you, then you can decide on a specific brand.


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