Intestinal tract Cancer Insurance Provides Safety Net For Expenses Not Covered by Standard Policy

Colorectal cancer is the third most common malignancy in men and women. In 2009, The American Cancer Society estimated nearly fifty, 000 US-resident deaths were brought on by rectal or colon cancer. Insurance plans of the standard variety are supposed to supply individuals with financial protection from the possibly heavy costs they might incur later on. This includes the morbidity and mortality costs of having a dreaded disease.

Standard health insurance plans do not protect morbidity and mortality costs. The benefits can only be used for direct medical costs. According to the National Institutes associated with Health, the overall cost of cancer therapy is estimated to be over 228. 1 billion dollars. Of this number, only 93. 2 billion bucks are for direct medical costs. Simple math will uncover the reality: being insured does not guarantee their financial protection from cancer.

For people who are at risk of suffering from cancer of the rectum or colon, cancer insurance is recommended.
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As a type of supplemental insurance, cancer insurance can reinforce the financial protection provided by medical health insurance plans. Policyholders can use their cancer insurance coverage to pay for the hidden costs that underlie cancer costs, for example transportation charges, home care, plus childcare incidentals. Cancer insurance advantages can also be used to cover lost income plus experimental cancer treatments.

The risk of colorectal cancer increases with age; 91% of cases are diagnosed in individuals aged 50 and older. Many studies have also shown that particular inherited genetic mutations may also boost the risk of certain colorectal malignancies.

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