Add Nutrients to Your Diet With Edible Flowers

Edible Flowers

Flowers have made a bold and tasty statement on the dining table and on the food platter since the Roman times. The royals and the elite class took pride in decorating their sumptuous feasts with petals of rose. The Violets, Gladiolus bulbs, Nasturtiums and Marigold have been a part of the English salads since the Victorian age. Edible flowers can be candied and are commonly used in preparing jellies, drinks, essence and soups.
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Not all Flowers are Edible

Before you make way to your garden and started hunting and plucking out all the flowers for dinner tonight, it would be wise to keep some important notes in mind. Not all flowers that you see are good for consumption. There are many which are toxic and some can even poison one to death. Buying edible flowers from farmer’s markets and supermarkets is a much safer option. Then again, look out for the organic fresh flowers which do not contain pesticides. Also, some of you may be allergic to pollen, so best remove them before eating.

Popular Flowers

The flowers which are used in kitchens worldwide for their amazing flavors, are storehouses many precious nutrients. Here goes a list of some of the most popular edible flowers:

o Daisies
o Pansies
o Day lilies
o Sunflower
o Achillea
o Lotus
o Borage
o Dandelion
o Artichoke
o Banana Blossoms
o Chamomile
o Carnations
o Chicory
o Yucca

Medicinal flowers

Edible flowers not only make a dish look more appetizing but also add a distinct flavor to it. But then this is not all about these flowers. Most of these flowers also have medicinal properties and are extensively used in medicinal drugs for curing various diseases and disorders. In many cases, if the petals of a flower are used in cooking or decorating food, the stem or the pollen of the same flower may find use in preparing medicines.

Some of the examples are:

o Achillea
o Rose
o Lotus
o Angelica

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